At DMVDT we provide mobile alcohol testing services right at your facility that are both cost-effective and convenient for your day-to-day operations. With accurate and secure testing, our alcohol testing services promote a drug free environment and help employees seek the treatment they need for substance abuse issues.


Delaware Valley Mobile Drug Testing (DMVDT) offers mobile drug and alcohol testing for companies in Maryland and across the Mid-Atlantic region. An alcohol drug test may be administered for a variety of reasons including:

  • Pre-employment alcohol testing
  • Reasonable suspicion of alcohol use on the job
  • Follow up to treatment with a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

Alcohol testing can help ensure a safe environment for workers performing ‘safety-sensitive’ duties and is required under federal law for a number of industries, including transportation.


As mandated under Department of Transportation Rule 40 Part 40, all employees in DOT regulated industries must undergo DOT alcohol tests for pre-employment screening, reasonable suspicion, or returning to work following substance abuse treatment. These tests can also be random and are administered to employees performing ‘safety-sensitive’ jobs.

Under DOT mandate, a positive alcohol test of 0.4 requires immediate removal of the employee from ‘safety-sensitive’ tasks. Registering for a 0.2 result will require the employee to be removed from ‘safety-sensitive’ tasks for a temporary period.

Alcohol testing is designed to detect the presence of the ethyl glucuronide metabolite in order to determine past or current intoxication. There are generally two testing procedures for collection:


The first is a breath alcohol test, commonly referred to as a ‘breathalyzer.’ A breath alcohol test can detect the current blood alcohol content of a person’s system. Generally, an ounce of alcohol stays in a person’s system for one and half hours. Breath alcohol tests cannot account for past usage, only current blood alcohol content. This method is cost-effective and preferable for employees suspected of being intoxicated at the job.


The second form of blood alcohol testing provided is a urine alcohol test and can detect past alcohol consumption for 12 hours. Advanced tests, known as etg tests, can account for alcohol consumption over the past 70 hours. These tests are ideal for employees screening applicants returning to work after a liability claim or following substance abuse counseling. These tests cannot account for current blood alcohol content, only previous consumption.


There are also more advanced alcohol drug tests that can account for past consumption over a longer period of time, such as a blood alcohol test or a hair follicle alcohol test. DMVDT offers affordable, mobile drug and alcohol testing that promotes a safe work environment and helps your company comply with federal and state regulations. Call us today to schedule an appointment!


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