Delaware Valley Mobile Drug Testing (DVMDT) is mobile drug testing laboratory offering hair follicle drug testing to companies across the Mid-Atlantic region. A hair follicle test examines the presence of illicit substances from a person’s hair follicle on their head or body in a laboratory.


Hair follicle testing can test for the presence of drugs in an individual’s system much longer than a traditional urinalysis and are considerably harder to cheat. Whether you’re in law enforcement or the services industry, hair follicle testing can help protect the safety of your workers and save your company money on liabilities.

Our mobile drug testing promises quick results, anywhere between 1-3 days. Whether you are conducting a hair follicle test for pre-employment screening or as a follow up for an individual program with a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), DVMDT offers a fast and affordable solution.

  1. Hair follicle tests can detect the presence of drugs up to 90 days after use
  2. Body hairs can detect the presence of drugs in a person’s system for even longer
  3. A hair follicle must be at least 1.5 inches in length to properly test
  4. Shampoo can’t be used to cover up the presence of substances in a hair follicle
  5. It takes approximately 5 days for new hair follicles, containing the illicit substance indicator, to grow on a person’s scalp after use
  6. Everything from a 5-panel to a 12-panel drug test can be administered for a hair follicle test


Hair follicle testing allows companies to research deeper into a person’s past drug habits. With a 90 day detection period, hair follicle tests provide a longer length of detection then urinalysis. This offers considerably more latitude to test for the presence of certain substances like cocaine, which are secreted more than 72 hours after use in urine.

If an individual does choose to shave to mask their results, then a body sample can be taken, which can test for close to double the amount of time as a scalp sample. It’s important to note that hair follicle testing cannot distinguish how far back a substance was used, only that it was used in the 90 day timeframe.


At DVMDT we offer drug test specialists who can help you identify the best method for employee drug screenings. Hair follicle testing offers a non-invasive alternative to urinalysis with greater accuracy and less adulteration. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for hair follicle testing for your workforce!


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